Welcome to St Michaels R.C. School of Heaviley Stockport 1956 – 1981

The school opened in 1956 was home to about 3000 pupils over a 25 year period. The old school was pulled down to make way for Aquinas College in 1981. This website has been set up to keep the memories of St Michaels school please enjoy!



1956 – 1973

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The old school front entrance

Instantly recognisable picture to anyone who went to St Michaels in Stockport the Main entrance to our school an entrance that we wasn’t allowed to use. This picture came from Jocks scrap book which is kept at Aquinas College, Fortunately Teresa Turnbull who works at Aquinas lent us the scrapbook so we could scan its contents. Originally the picture was black and white but was coloured by Stephen Arrandale who is famous on Facebook for colouring black and white images.

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Charles Mullen (jock)

The man himself known to all as Jock hated by many but hang on a minute we are all still here, still alive and kicking most of us turned out to be good people. Everyone has a tale to tell I remember have a swift drink from a water fountain between lessons and got a double dose of his strap but rules are rules.

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St Micks from above

Great aerial picture after the school had opened the bikes sheds are nearly full. There are only 2 cars in the car park what a difference 50 years make.

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Charles Mullen M.A.

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